Castewatch UK
A British organisation fighting against caste discrimination in the UK and lobbying Parliament to include ‘caste discrimination’ as a punishable offence under the UK Single Equality Bill.

Centre for Applied South Asian Studies
An academic site with a range of resources exploring South Asian religious traditions in the UK, and the transnational links which inform the developing identities of the UK’s South Asian communities.

Dalit Solidarity Network
An international organisation ,which also has a base in the UK, campaigning against the atrocities committed against Dalits in India and across the world.  Involved in campaigning to have the amendment of ‘caste discrimination’ added to the UK Single Equality Bill.

This is the site of a monument dedicated to Dr Balasaheb Ambedkar in Nagpur.  Dr Ambedkar was an untouchable activist, a major political figure during the colonial period who went on to become the first Minister of Law after the independence of India in 1947.  Ambedkar, who was born into the untouchable mahar caste, converted to Buddhism in 1956 in the Indian city of Nagpur, and his example was followed by hundreds of thousands of his followers.  Mahar Buddhist are by far the largest Buddhist community in modern India.  The Deekshabhoomi monument site provides a range of resources related to this major structure in Nagpur.  Explore this site for interesting images and textual examples of eclectic practices which have grown up amongst Mahar Buddhists in India.

Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations (FABO)
Based in the UK with an international presence, FABO is campaigning for the equal rights of Dalits in India and across the world.  The website has a number of reports related to Dalit conversions to Buddhism and also to issues of caste discrimination and the UK Single Equality Bill.

Pluralism Project – Religious Diversity in Central Europe
This area of the University of Harvard’s extensive site dedicated to religious pluralism explores various practices in different European countries. Visit this page for some fascinating slide shows of Tamil Hindu practices in Germany and Switzerland.,
These are different branches of a movement which traces itself back to the 17th century figures Devchandra and Prannath. Both stress the unity of all religions and the way in which equivalent teachings are found in the Qur’an and Hindu scriptures, as well as in the Torah and Christian Bible.

Ravidassia Community Blogs
Useful blogs and current news relating to issues of identity amongst the Ravidassia community in the UK.

‘The Ravi Dasis of Punjab: Global Contours of Caste and Religious Strife’
An article in the Indian news magazine Economic and Political Weekly by S.S. Jodhka

The Shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi
An Open University podcast which features the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi.  Note the emphasis on cross-tradition worship at this site, even though it is a recognizably Muslim space

‘Why I am not a Hindu’
An interview with dalit intellectual Kancha Ilaiah, author of the book Why I am not a Hindu.  In this interview, Ilaiah discusses the significance of low caste (or dalit bahujan) ‘spiritual practices’ as distinct from Hindu (or, as he calls them, Brahmanic) practices, and the possibilities for the development of common forms of practices between dalit bahujans and muslims in India.