Tellings of Sita’s Story: References and Further Reading

Adbhuta Ramayana  [for Coburn translations see Coburn, 1995]

Adbhuta Ramayana of Srimad-Valmiki: Sanskrit text with translation, English commentary along with explanatory notes, relevant appendices etc, compiled and translated by Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia (2010), Varanasi: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan.  [Translations are very free indeed]

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Ramakien, Thai telling composed in the reign of King Rama I (1782-1809) as a dance drama.  Full text available via:

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Valmiki Ramayana:

___ For a translation of what the Brockingtons consider the core hero tale, see Brockington and Brockington (2006) above.

___ There is a complete online English translation available at, tr. Ralph Griffith, 1870-1874, but it is very old and not based on the critical edition.

___  There is an abridged version, The Ramayana, abridged by C. Rajagopalachari (ed. by Jay Mazo, American Gita Society) available at

____The first five books are available in good and reasonably priced translations from the Clay Sanskrit Library (see for details of translators)

___ There is a complete and excellent translation of six books by Robert P. Goldman et al, published by Princeton University Press, but these are currently very difficult and expensive to purchase.  For details, see > Keywords search: Ramayana.  In particular:

Robert P. Goldman and Sally Sutherland Goldman trs. (1996)  The Ramayana of Valmiki: Volume V: Sundarakanda, Princeton: PrincetonUniversity Press.

Useful starter websites:

Philip’s fil-ums – comment with illustrations on ‘Hey Ram’, film by Kamal Hasaan, by Philip Lutgendorf:


Ramayana tellings:

Ramanand Sagar (director) (1987-88) Ramayan, 78 episodes aired on Doordarshan (Indian TV network).  Available at