Shared worship in Yamanur

Contributed by Jacqueline Suthren Hirst


In the small village of Yamanur, Dharwad District, Karnataka, southwest India, stands a place of worship.  It is called the ‘Rajabag Savar or ChangadevTemple’.  Below is a picture of part of the shrine complex, showing the courtyard and temple entrance.

In his study of Yamanur, on which much of this case study is based, Jackie Assayag (2004) provides a sketch of the shrine’s layout.

Figure 7  Sketch of the Yamanur shrine  (Assayag 2004: 157)

1    Brahmadeva                    7    Main sanctuary
2    Graves                             8    Cradle
3    Neem tree                        9    Trustee meeting room
4    Platform                          10    Hubli-Sholapur road
5    Pujari’s house                 11    Pillar-lamps (dipa-stambha)
6    Kettledrum                      12    Surrounding wall

Before you read on, you might want to look at the layout and key  and ask yourself what kind of a shrine you think it might be.  And who would worship there?

Walking through the Yamanur shrine