case studies

Here you will find a series of case studies exploring religious traditions in and of South Asia. As you will see, some of these case studies are India-based, and some are located in the diaspora. Each case study begins by providing you with some introductory material on a specific set of practices or ideas associated with South Asian religious traditions. Our approach is to encourage you to ask questions about this material, and to think about how exploring different issues may help to develop a critical understanding, not just of the case study itself but of broader aspects of South Asian religious traditions. You can then proceed to the different sections provided for each case study to develop your understanding. As you will see, each case study also provides references to further reading which will help you to explore these issues in more depth.

Our intention is to develop the archive of case studies, drawing on the experience of researchers working on the many varied aspects of South Asian religious traditions. Follow the links above to individual case studies to explore further, and visit the site again soon to see what new case studies have been added to our archive.