Welcome to the TAROSA website

TAROSA stands for Teaching Across the Religions of South Asia. The website has been set up by a group of people working in the Higher Education sector with an interest in the delivery of teaching and learning about South Asian religious traditions.

Our interest is in encouraging the exploration of the many, diverse ways in which people practice, think about and identify with religious traditions in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.  Research demonstrates that these practices, ideas and identities frequently cut across the established boundaries that so often govern our understanding of what constitutes ‘religion’ – the boundaries, that is, between Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and so on.

The website provides resources which help to challenge the dominance of this ‘world religions’ approach to South Asian religious traditions.

Our resources include:

  • detailed case studies which provide information and points for discussion.
  • information on arranging and carrying out field visits.
  • links to further resources which will enable you to explore and develop a broader understanding of the issues at stake in the study of religions of South Asia.